Ask students at West Birdville and Birdville Elementary if they will ever need to use the math they learn in school outside of the classroom and you will definitely hear a “yes!” This week, West Birdville Elementary school (Bryan Quezada, Hector Velazquez, Alonso Olivas, Jordy Hernandez, Lydia Olson and Adan Landeros) , Birdville Elementary school (Giselle Reyna, Emily Gonzalez, Clayton Bird and Aaron Guerrero) and Richland Elementary school (Iliana Hudson, Taylor Medley, Audrey Mercer and Logan Miller) competed in the regional championship round of the 2nd annual Explore Horizons Young Mathematicians’ Competition. 

West Birdville Elementary Team Getting Ready for the Challenge

Each team competed against 15 other student teams. Spicer Elementary, Richardson Classical Academy, Bedford Heights Elementary, River Trails Elementary and Binion Elementary won the competition to advance to the Championship Round December 2 at the Explore Horizons Tutoring and Enrichment Center in Colleyville.

Birdville Elementary Team Solving the Match Challenge

Explore Horizons, a tutoring & enrichment center with locations throughout North Texas, wants to challenge students to continue to learn outside of the classroom by applying valuable problem solving skills not taught within the traditional school curriculum and applying them to unique “real world” situations. Utilizing these key skills gives children and schools an opportunity to stretch talented young mathematicians beyond the classroom to prepare them for futures in math, science, engineering and more.

Richland Elementary Team

"Every day we hear students saying that they don’t see the point in math, that it’s difficult, it’s boring and it’s not important. We wanted to show children how fun, applicable, collaborative and interesting math can be,” said Belinda Southgate, Head of U.S. Marketing and Sales for Explore Horizons. “ We love helping gifted and talented young students learn vital problem solving skills to use in high school, college and even future careers in STEM fields.”

A total of 18 schools representing six area school districts and two charter schools competed in the math competitions held throughout North Texas.

Explore Horizons Tutoring and Enrichment Centers provide math, reading and writing, enrichment and tutoring for children in Pre-K through eighth grade.  

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