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Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows at least two things by now.  The first is that I believe the Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick is the best guitar pick hands down.  The second is that I also believe there truly is no such thing as "the best" for everyone.  Every player has to make the decision for themselves as to what gear is the best for them.  This certainly includes their choice of pick, and I've said it over and over that you must try everything to know what is best for you.

All that being said, let's look at the best guitar pick for the acoustic guitar.

Acoustic vs Electric


I started out on the electric guitar.  In fact, this was the first purchase I made with my first paycheck from my first job (it was at Burger King in case were wondering, please forward all jokes to corey@dragonsheartguitarpicks.com).  It wasn't long before I sought out to purchase an acoustic guitar as well.  It would be really difficult to be a well rounded player and be able to play all the songs you want to play without such.  

Though the electric and acoustic are very similar, there are some distinct and crucial differences.  Acoustic guitar strings are generally thicker, the necks are usually beefier with a little less access to the higher register, the body is much larger affecting your play position, and the volume and tone are much more dependent on your technique.  Though the basic concept is the same, developing proficiency on one and the other requires a lot of practice on each respectively.  

The Bluegrass Opinion

I am not a bluegrass player and I did not design the Dragon's Heart with bluegrass specifically in mind but, the feedback I have received from bluegrass players has been phenomenal.  I've personally reached a fair amount of players at this point but we still have a long, long way to go but one player really sticks out in my mind.  

At the Arlington show I reached out to one of the attendees passing by and encouraged him to try one of my picks.  He assured me that he was happy with what he had and didn't want to spend the time trying one.  I was insistent and convinced him to sit down and try one.  I set him up with this guitar.  While he played, I helped and sold to three other customers.  When he was finally stopped playing, he was adamant that I simply must begin attending bluegrass festivals and show this to every player I could find.  He bought three.  


The Case for the Dragon's Heart

We were at the Fort Worth Guitar Show and even though it was a predominately acoustic show,  4 out of 5 players that sat down and tried the Dragon's Heart bought one or more.  We saw the same results at the Arlington Guitar Show.  I play mostly electric but I still play my acoustic daily and this is the only pick I use.  I designed this pick for optimized interaction with strings of the guitar.  This design is was proofed for any gauge string, it has even been used it for bass tracks in my own studio.  The Dragon's Heart, by design, responds consistently to the strings of any instrument.  Don't just take my word, look at some of the reviews that other acoustic players have posted.  

What others are saying...

We've had some great feedback from acoustic players thus far.  Check out the full reviews from Adrian Garza and Guitar Goddess

The pure is great for acoustic players like myself..... it brought out the brightness in my guitar..... it sounds so amazing!
— Michelle - Guitar Goddess
It fits in your hand really well, very easy to hold, which is great for when you’re playing for a long time, it alleviates some of the fatigue.
— Adrian - The Mix Vibe Band

Check out Adrian's full review of Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks.


The Final Word

Though I believe The Dragon's Heart is the best out there, I know that one product cannot be for everyone.  That being said, try one.  Based on what we have seen so far there is an 80% chance you will like it.  If you happen to be amongst the other 20%, you are free to return it for a full refund.  You can't lose.

Until next time...

Play with fire, in your heart.

Corey W. 


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