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This one is going to be a quick read and probably one of the best articles I have written so far.


The Issue(s) With Grip

This is big for all of us.  It is not just the concern of dropping the pick but also keeping it in place where you want it while you are playing.  We have all played this game and there many picks out there marketing to this exact dilemma.  

I have seen a lot of approaches to mitigating this problem.  Everything from "special" materials to textured surfaces.  Even if these qualities add to grip, there are still limited options as to the styles of pick available with these advantages.  Further, the claims of improved grip can be greatly exaggerated, especially when things like sweat come into play.

The Dragon's Heart Advantage

Our pick brings a unique advantage to this table.  While grip was not my primary focus, this material possesses a better than average grip that can actually increase with a little moisture.  

Think of the common practice of licking ones fingers to turn the page of a book or magazine.  Beyond this, our company logo is laser etched into the surface of the pick.  This works as a textured surface that greatly adds to the grip factor.  

Since each of our top three models is formed from the same core material they all possess this inherent quality but, the glass fiber content of the Hardened version definitely has the best grip.  On the flip side, the graphite content of the Original makes it inherently less "grippy" than the Hardened or the Pure, but still better than the industry standard picks for sure.  The Original is the fastest pick by far, and the only way to increase speed is to reduce friction.  Less friction, less grip.  No way around that one. 

 Hardened Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks

Hardened Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks

Now of course most of us sweat when we play onstage.  While the Dragons Heart grip increases with a little moisture, too much will make it slippery.   This is true for nearly everything on the planet but don't worry, I'm gonna share with you some ways that I have learned to overcome this dilemma.  

The Veteran Fix

Don't limit yourself by choosing your pick based on grip.  Buy a Dragon's Heart... and/or use these simple methods to make any pick a lot more grippy.  

Athletic Tape

Narrow strips wrapped around the edges or small squares centered, this technique provides superior grip even when wet.  The main disadvantage is prep-time, but this will definitely get you through a show.

 Athletic tape picks

Athletic tape picks

Double-sided Adhesives

Easier to cut and prepare than the former but less resistant to moisture.

 Double Sided Adhesive picks

Double Sided Adhesive picks

Hole Punches

This one is not as effective as the previous two but it is very easy to prep a lot of picks fast.  As long as they are thin enough.

 Hole Punched Guitar Picks

Hole Punched Guitar Picks

Drilled Holes

A hole punch won't work on every pick.  If your preferred pick is a little beefier, consider this to add grip.  With the right tools, this technique is faster than athletic tape.  I currently use this technique to keep track of picks made from new materials I am testing.

 3-Hole Punch Dragon Heart Picks

3-Hole Punch Dragon Heart Picks

What others are saying...

Check out what other guitarists are saying about the grip of Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks.  Read the full reviews of Lone Phantom and Guitar Goddess

The material used in the construction also grips nicely between the fingers. The etched Dragon’s Heart logo also helps the grip
— Stephen - Lone Phantom
The design really helps me hold the pick in place.... it does have amazing grip!
— Michelle - Guitar Goddess

Check out Michelle's full review of Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks.

When it's all said and done, you must do what works best for you.  As always, I recommend you try everything and not be afraid to think outside the box.  

Until next time...  Play with fire, in your heart!

Corey W.

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