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That title should end with a question mark.  Mostly because I am the one writing this and, though I play bass a little, I am by no means an expert on the bass guitar.  What makes this even more awkward is the fact that on the rare occasion I play a real bass, I use my fingers.  That goes back to my early days of playing music and the instructor that taught me how to play the bass was quite passionate about not using picks.  That story is for another time.

So you might be wondering how I could even fathom writing an article that will essentially state that the Dragon's Heart is the best pick for the bass.  Well it basically boils down to this; the bass player for the band I am currently playing with uses the Dragon's Heart.  He actually was using them before we even met and I think that might have helped me get the gig with them.  Also, bass players from some other bands around the country have contacted me stating how much they love the Dragon's Heart for bass.

Dragon's Heart

It is still a little difficult writing this article.  I feel some tightness in my chest due to the panic that follows the mere suggestion that a pick could be great for playing bass.  But based on the feedback that I received from so many bass players, I can't help but believe that there is definitely something to this.  Also, I have to admit that, against everything I was taught, the Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick does work very well on the bass guitar.  

One of the first bass players that ever contacted me was Boris Sin of Darkness Within.  When Boris originally contacted me and we started talking I assumed he was a electric six string player. I was quite surprised when I realized that he was talking about how much he loved the Dragon's Heart for playing bass.  To this day Boris is still an enthusiastic advocate of the Dragon's Heart and we still converse on occasion.  Like I said, Boris is the bass player for Darkness Within.  They are a Nu Metal band out of North Carolina.  You can check them out on FaceBook here.  They really go all out with costumes and the show.  They really have a shock rock/horror style but don't be put off by that.  Boris is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I am really glad to have a real working musician like him on my side.  

 Boris Sin behind his Ibanez Bass and Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick

Boris Sin behind his Ibanez Bass and Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick

So is the Dragon's Heart the best pick for bass?  I have to say that, based on what I have been told by bass players, it most certainly is.  I'm still partial to finger playing but I think, with therapy, I will be able to work through that issue.  The case has been made to me and I'm convinced that, if you are going to play bass with a pick, you can do no better than the Dragon's Heart.  

Until next time...

Play with fire...

In your heart.

Corey W. 

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