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That might be the longest article title ever.  As it so happens, it might be both the least and best fit title for this article at the same time.  Let's get the short story out of the way.  How is this the best fit title?  The best guitar pick is the Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick.  If you don't believe me then just snoop around on YouTube and the rest of the internet.  Enough has been said on this matter.  

 The Best Guitar Pick Period.

The Best Guitar Pick Period.

So if this article isn't about how Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks are the best, then what is it about?  All of my articles have really been centered around this topic, and I suppose that was the right way to go at the time.  I suppose it was necessary to do that to get us out there into the market, but now we are there.  So what's next?  Well if you hold on for just a few more sentences I'll tell you.  Geez you're pushy!!!  

I'm changing the format for everything we are doing to reach out to our audience.  I'm changing my YouTube videos (yeah I know I haven't done one in a while, but that is going to change), I'm changing our newsletter, and I am changing these blog articles.  I'm also changing the way we are posting on our social channels.

Im tired of pushing the Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick; and, if you are following any of our channels, I have become certain that you are tired of hearing me push them.  Yes, they are great, but if you follow us you probably already know that.  Yes, I love them, but let's be honest; hearing that from me over and over gets old quick.  Besides, I'm not just all about guitar picks.  Shocking!!! I know.

C. Whitney Guitars

Most people know us as Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks, but in reality we are C. Whitney Guitars.  BOOM!!! I said it.  Our branding just turned into every companies worst nightmare.  We are C. Whitney Guitars and we are not just about guitar picks. The Dragon's Heart just happened to be our first great product.  We have many more just waiting to be proofed and produced.  The next of which I started developing due to popular demand.  The details of this are for another time but for now I will at least tell you that I'm calling it the Dragon's Scale Guitar Pick.  

I know I said we are not just about guitar picks and then mentioned a new guitar pick as our latest project under development.  I have to subordinate to the demand, at least to some degree.  That is the real point of this article though.  We have the guitar pick thing down and we are going to keep running with it.  Please keep the input, questions, and challenges coming.  I love all of that stuff, but also keep in mind, I have a lot more to offer.

I have to keep most details of my projects very secret.  I have already leaked some photos and minor details about some of the upcoming projects.  I can't resist sharing what I can with the world, but I am under strict orders not to share the game changing details until we release the finalized product.  I say "strict orders", but I'm the boss so I guess I can do as I please.  However, just like all the other marketing stuff we have done in the past, I have to defer to the judgement of those who know better about certain things. 

 Our Dragons wing Headstock prototype with decal logo.    We will not be using stickers when it goes to production.

Our Dragons wing Headstock prototype with decal logo.  

We will not be using stickers when it goes to production.

Beyond our products, C. Whitney Guitars is about innovation.  Finally, we are getting to the meat and potatoes of this article.  I have decided to take our core concept and apply it to our social channels and loyal audience.  We are about innovation, and I am going to bring that to you, even if we are not the ones doing it.  I can't invent a new product every week; but I see, meet, and know a lot of people who are doing such things and I get to see new things and ideas all the time.  So from now on I'm sharing those with you.

In addition to sharing these interesting new things, I am going to make it a point to start answering questions.  Oh man, do I get a lot of questions.  Mostly on guitar pick stuff, but among my personal social circle, my knowledge is often sought after for everything from music and recording, to gear and science.  I often get asked the same questions over and over, so I'm going to share my answers to popular questions with everyone through this blog, YouTube, and our social channels.  I know I might regret this at some point but... ask away.  I'll tackle anything.  

So I am sharing innovation, knowledge, and ...  

 Our biggest promotion ever.

Our biggest promotion ever.

Promotions.  This is a must.  We are a business after all, and I have to feed my family, so I am going to run a product promotion with all of my articles, videos, and newsletters.  I have to sell to survive and we are always thankful for your support.  I have always made an effort put out some good discounts, promotional giveaways, and support contests to give back to the awesome community that supports us.  I fully intend to continue this effort, expand upon it, and make it more interesting; but please keep in mind that your support is the main thing that keeps this going.

So I guess the closing summary is this:  From here on out I am going to answer your questions, show you innovation, and offer you the best deal that I can on my own products.  I definitely won't flood your inbox everyday.  Maybe a couple of times a month you'll see us show up and I can bring something exciting into your life.  Maybe I can show you something new.  Maybe... if I am really lucky...  I can inspire someone else to see what I see and be excited about new things.  At a minimum, I hope you will all...  

Play With Fire...

In Your Heart.

Corey W. 

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